Ayurvedic Treatment for Polycystic Ovarian Disease

A 31 years old female (SP) attended AyurVAID Clinics, Jayanagar center for following presenting complaints

Presenting Complaints

  • Complaints of rough coarse hair over chin.
  • Scanty menstruation with spotting for the first two days associated with pain and clots, the menstrual cycle is for 4-5/50 days cycle , with blackish discoloration on Menstrual blood.
  • Passing of hard stools once in 3 days.

Family History:Patient’s mother also has the same complaint of PCOD since her Menarche, later after hysterectomy the clinical symptoms have subsided.

Current Medication: NIL

Clinical Status: BP - 90/60 mmHg, Pulse - 62/min, Weight - 59.8 Kg, BMI - 23.5, Ht – 165 cms

Diagnosis: PCOD (Poly-cystic Ovarian Disease)

OPT/IPT – IPT Duration – 8 days

Primary Treatments:


Internal Medicines:


Referral Opinion: Patient after the rescan after one month was advised to take the opinion of the surgeon for the persisting endometrial cyst. For the same patient was advised to undergo laparoscopic excision of the same. The same was advised to be followed as the cyst was large enough.


The uterus is normal in size and echo pattern

The uterus, measures 59.4×27.5×38.1mm

The endometrium thickness is 5.9mm hyperechoic

Both ovaries have polycystic ovarian pattern

The right ovary measures 63.5×51.4×59.0 mm and 100.8 cm3 vol

The left ovary measures 52.2×26.2×20.2 mm and 14.5cm3 vol

No free fluid is seen in the pelvis

The uterus is normal in size and echo pattern

The uterus, measures 62.8×24.7×41.6mm

The endometrium thickness is 4.4mm trilaminar

Both ovaries have apolycystic ovarian pattern

Nature: measures approximate 78.5×58.3×78.2mm and 187 cm3 vol Occupy entire ovary right side

The left ovary measures 26.8×17.1×25.4 mm and 6.1 cm3vol, has multifollicular pattern and is normal in size

No free fluid or mass is seen in the pelvis

SL#Outcome Parameters TSDTEDR
8Weight (Kg)59.8 57.857.5

Patient’s Outcome Scale

SL#Presenting Complaint Status_TSDStatus_TEDStatus_2 months
2Scanty menstruationPresent for 4-5 days with spotting for first 2 days.PresentAbsent
3 Painful menstruationPresentPresentAbsent
4Colour of the menstrual bloodBlackDark redNormal
5Hard stoolOnce in 3 daysRegular, once daily Regular, once daily
6Menstrual cycle4-5/50 days cycle -4-5/35 days cycle

At the end of the classical Ayurveda treatments complete improvement in left ovary with multifollicular pattern and normal size restoration of the ovary was achieved. Clinically it was evident from the fact that the menstrual period was regular and normal – without pain, and normal in colour and amount. There was an improvement in body weight also which is evident from the fact that patient has lost 2kgs of weight during the course of treatment. Constipation was recovered totally.

* Outcomes may vary from person to person

Disclaimer: * Outcomes may vary from person to person