Soda Fight!

AyurVAID strongly endorses (former) New York city Mayor Bloomberg in his effort to control Cola Companies and for his activist role in regulating the fast food industry. We hope that the courts rule in favour of more responsible behaviour by businesses. Proactive legislation encourages healthier habits for e.g. by banning transfats from restaurants and posting calorie counts on menus. Conquering disease and sustaining health begins with the food one eats. Ayurveda enjoins everyone to eat with awareness.

However, as the NY Times comments,(NYT-Soda Fight) culinary and legal aspects of the case overlap: “Where do you draw the line?” Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman demanded of the lawyer for the city, Richard Dearing. If oversize sodas are banned, the judge asked, “Where do we say it’s O.K., as opposed to banning hamburgers or frankfurters or whatever it might be?”

Be that as it may, while consumer is king and is entitled to freedom of choice, industry free of restraint stands to impair the health of generations. AyurVAID shall keenly await the ruling in this case.

Photo- courtesy NYT

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